Do Latin Americans care about Europe ?

Well, probably less than Europeans think they do as an analysis of 275.000.000 internet interactions between the two regions indicates!

The EU-LAC Foundation commissioned the International Prospective Institute to carry out a study entitled “Map of interests between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean – contrasts in the degree of interest between the two regions”.

The study examines the level of knowledge that citizens from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have about Europe and vice versa. The analysis is based on almost 275.000.000 internet interactions – basically Google searches – between the two regions from September 2011 to September 2012. This was completed by a study on media coverage. Even if one can discuss the research approach, the analysis still reveals some important findings. Here are the most significant contrasts:

  1. The interest vector clearly goes towards LAC, i.e. more internet users in the EU search for LAC than vice versa
  2. The only exceptions to 1) are France, Germany, Italy and … Greece (One wonders why!?)
  3. EU cities ranking in searches from LAC: Madrid (21.1%) & Barcelona (17.9%) (at least some seem to care about European soccer), Paris (12 %), Rome (11,8%), London (7.9%), Oporto (5.7%) and Berlin (3.6%) (Only ranking seventh? Don’t worry, Berlin-is-the-one-and-only-lovers out there, the study is from medieval times: 2011-2012 !)
  4. Controversially, the EU is fully present in LAC media, though the opposite can not be said about LAC in EU
  5. No country in Latin America attracts more than 10% of total searches (Brazil and Mexico rank first and second with around 7%), but vice versa four EU-countries do so
  6. EU media coverage on LAC is more diverse (country- & topic-wise) than vice versa

Last but not least, a bonbon: The EU map seen by LAC according to the study

The EU seen from LACThank you EU-LAC foundation and IPI for this research! (This makes up for showing the European map as big as the LAC map on the first page !)


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