Think Tanks in LAC and the EU

Think Tanks worldwide

Ethos recently published an infographic on Think Tanks worlwide. The results of the Global Go-to Think Tank Index realized by the University of Pennsylvania indicate that 57% of all Think Tanks are concentrated in North America and Europe. For the latter, five EU member states alone are among the top ten countries. As for LAC countries, only Argentina appears among the top ten. But with 137 Think Tanks, compared to 288 in the UK (3rd) and 194 in Germany (5th), this number seems respectable. Second and third in Latin America after Argentina comes Brazil (82, 13th) and Mexico (60, 16th).

Is this number, which of course doesn’t tell us more than the sheer number of Think Tank, likely to increase? Well, at least the EU has stressed out the creation of investigation centers, such as on EU-LAC relations, in its last Regional and Country Action Plans for LAC. Guess a challenge of EU-LAC relations has been recognized…


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