!!! Closure of EU polloi !!!

Dear readers, followers and supporters,

I am happy to announce the closure of EU polloi. Is there any reason to be happy about this? Yes, there is!

This blog was created as a small platform for analysis on European-Latin American policies, to share some philosophical thoughts, pass on news and promoting cultural happenings by Berlin’s rich Latino community – or as some would call it: bridging the gap between graduating and getting serious.

Why is the closure of the blog good news? Blogs represent a vital instrument in people´s participation and the path towards democracies. I´m starting a new work program in China that has left me too busy to adequately feed the blog; the main reason why I´m closing it. Nonetheless my involvement with Sino-European-Latin American relations is growing larger every day. This means I’ll be getting serious very soon, so do expect to hear from me again.

I wish to thank all the readers and the online research community. It has been a great pleasure.

Yours truly Jean-Philippe S.

ps: Sino-European-Latin American relations are the new big thing! Haven´t you heard?